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There are several different ways the login information can be obtained.A lot of people do this because it’s a lot easier to remember just one password.All you will need is the username or the email address of the account.Once you enter it into username box tap “Start Hack” and everything else will be taken care of.

You can choose to retrieve the old data including old snaps, messages, expired stories, saved memories, and the password. If all you want is a way to look pictures and videos without time limits.

So be sure to let us know what you think should be added.

Not all requests will make it through, but we will consider it and maybe even have some iteration of it in the future versions.

Instantly get a higher score plus acquire all the trophies, so all the available stickers and emojis unlock. We made it easier for everyone to unlock everything quickly.

So you won’t have to go on a snapping spree just to get every single extra.

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We developed mobile Apps and desktop software to make it accessible to more people. There are many more exciting new features we intend to implement.

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